• 1948 - Antonio Balma set up in Turin a small compressor factory under the name: “BALMA Compressori”, the story of a great Group begins...
  • 1952 - Enzo Fini set up a factory of electric motors production in Bologna under the name: ‘Fini Elettrocostruzioni Meccaniche’.
  • 1956 - The first FINI assembled electro-compressor.
  • 1957 - Mr Prevosto, ex employee of Mr Balma, created the company "Prevosto", become than "Chinook Shamal".
  • 1979 - Assembled the first screw compressors.
  • 1981 - Antonio Balma set up ABAC (Antonio Balma Aria Compressa) S.p.A
  • 1992 - Start of own production of the first rotary screw air ends with patented profile.
  • 2002 - TAISHAN plant is founded in China.
  • 2003 - SHANGHAI plant is founded in China
  • 2006 - ABAC S.p.A. is sold and NU AIR Compressors and Tolols S.p.A. was established and starts the air compressor production in Italy (in Robassomero plant), and in China (Shanghai plant).
  • 2010 - NU AIR acquires Chinook-Shamal, a consolidated Italian industrial Company specialized in the manufacture of a wide range of air compressors for professional and industrial use.
  • 2011 - NU AIR incorporates FINI, one of the most important European firms in the compressed air industry founded in 1952 by Enzo Fini. More than  60 years of development, innovation and know-how in the  professional and industial compressed air field.
  • 2012 - The reorganization and integration process of NU AIR, FINI, CHINOOK & SHAMAL is completed.  FINI NUAIR Group is founded, a new world wide leader is created!
  • 2013 - FINI NUAIR Group incorporated the company Power System,  leader in the market of high range industrial compressors for over twenty years and in the Inverter technology for the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • 2017 - FINI NUAIR S.p.A. change the Company Name in FNA S.p.A.


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