Restarting in solidarity: the FNA Group’s response to the pandemic.

Covid-19 pandemic: reopening a company, getting employees back to work safely and contributing to restarting the Italian system requires sensible action and being a conscious social player.

Cavaliere del Lavoro Dr. Roberto Balma, president of FNA Air Compressors, CRAB Holding and ALC Tecnologie Adesive acted promptly to support the collective effort to react to and fight a cause that has affected everyone.

First and foremost, by providing support to the health and social system, which was severely affected and tested by the Covid Crisis, with a donation of EUR 100,000 to organisations that have a widespread local presence and are committed to supporting people’s basic needs:

  • Fondazione Banco Alimentare is a network of food banks that was set up in 1989 with the following mission: to combat poverty, defeat hunger and encourage responsible production and consumption;
  • Fondazione Specchio dei Tempi has been working on the front line for 65 years, helping people affected by natural disasters and emergencies in Italy and around the world;
  • Torino Solidale is a local network for people in difficulty during emergencies, they collect, store and redistribute food and basic necessities to people’s homes.

Absorbing the Covid shock and restarting a manufacturing group safely, protecting every job, requires an entrepreneur to face adversity without losing heart. It’s a new start that requires an overall vision, open-mindedness, care for employees, listening, empathy and leadership skills.

The FNA Group has over 70 years’ experience in the compressed air sector, with four plants and over 300 employees in Italy, and has never given up. During the COVID-19 Cassa Integrazione (wage guarantee scheme) period, the Board of Directors reduced their salaries to show solidarity with their employees. All our production sites have been 100% operational again since 4th May. The Group organised, paid for, and offered serological screening to all employees to protect everyone’s health. Everyone took part! In addition, face masks were given to employees’ families when they were hard to get.

The FNA Group is once again meeting the demands of its domestic and international markets, and is demonstrating how a serious threat can be transformed into an opportunity.
For the Italian system to restart, we must all restart together! Despite severe financial strains and ongoing production disruption, the FNA Group is committed to safeguarding the continuity of its entire production chain, strengthening partnerships with its suppliers and, as always, ensuring its solvency.

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