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The merger and integration of three major Italian compressor traditions has led to the birth of the FNA, a multinational Group with nearly 70 years of experience in the compressed air industry, which has developed an industrial synergy with an all Italian heart that can compete on the world market without fear of comparisons.

With its production devoted to industrial use, professional use and do it yourself, the International Group FNA ranks on the world market as a leading manufacturer of air compressors, thanks to its internationally known and appreciated brands:





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The FNA Group, with headquarters in Turin (Italy), employs approximately 1,500 employees in production plants in Italy, France and China, where it produces 8,500 piston compressors every day and 9,500 screw compressors a year. The 88% of Group turnover is related to exports to 120 countries worldwide.
Its subsidiaries are present in France, Poland, Portugal, China and the United States.


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