The great family of air compressors

About us

The merger and integration of three major Italian compressed air companies led to the creation of the FNA Group, a multinational group with over 70 years’ experience in the compressed air sector. The Group has developed an industrial synergy with an all-Italian heart, which competes on the world market without fear of comparison.

FNA is the result of the expertise and leadership of a family that has been operating exclusively in the compressed air sector, for two generations, since 1948. The Group is positioned on the world market as one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors for industrial, professional and DIY use, thanks to its internationally known and respected brands:

The FNA Group has its headquarters in Turin and employs around 1,300 people in its production plants in Italy, France, China and the United States. These plants supply over 1,500,000 piston compressors and over 11,000 screw compressors annually to meet the compressed air needs of the domestic and international markets.

90% of the Group’s production is exported outside Italy to 120 countries worldwide. The Group has subsidiaries in France, Poland, Portugal, England, China and the United States.

“Excellence is only achieved through passion, commitment and time”

Roberto Balma, Cavaliere del lavoro and CEO

The FNA Group has consolidated its leadership through the ongoing development of a wide range of quality products that are designed and produced in its five production plants and distributed worldwide.

The FNA Group offers an extensive range of solutions. These include piston compressors with power inputs from 0.5 to 25 HP and rotary screw compressors for industrial use, from 2.2 to 315 kW, entirely Made in Italy.



To be a leader in the compressed air sector: offering excellent products and services, in terms of quality and technical performance, for the industrial, professional and DIY sectors worldwide.


We aim to create stable, long-term value and make a significant mark on the global compressed air market, using our talented employees, our know-how and our strategic vision.


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compressors produced and distributed over a 70-year industrial history

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compressors currently installed and operating worldwide

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piston compressors produced annually

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screw compressors produced annually

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employees in 3 continents

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service centres guaranteeing after-sales service in 120 countries