A family business with a multinational air

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Antonio Balma, known around the world as the father of compressed air, establishes a small compressor factory in Turin called “BALMA Compressori”.
The story begins.

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Enzo Fini sets up an electric motor and air compressor production plant in Bologna called “FINI Elettro costruzioni meccaniche”.

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Gianfranco Prevosto, one of Antonio Balma’s former employees, sets up the Prevosto company, which later became CHINOOK-SHAMAL.

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FINI assembles its first screw compressors.

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Antonio Balma creates ABAC (Antonio Balma Aria Compressa) S.p.A.

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FINI begins production of rotary screw units with a patented profile.

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The production plant is set up in Shanghai and is one of the first Italian companies in China with 100% foreign capital.

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ABAC reorganises into two divisions: PROFESSIONAL (NU AIR) and INDUSTRIAL. A commercial network is created to support sales in foreign markets, with companies in Portugal, Poland, England, Hong Kong and the United States. ABAC’s INDUSTRIAL division is sold to ATLAS COPCO. NU AIR continues the piston compressor production activities.

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NU AIR becomes a licensee for STANLEY and customises a dedicated line of compressors and air tools.

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NU AIR acquires CHINOOK-SHAMAL, a specialist in professional and industrial air compressors, FINI, a leader in the professional and industrial compressor sector, and PRODIF, a long-standing French manufacturer of compressors for the consumer sector.

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NUAIR, FINI and SHAMAL merge to form FININUAIR, which becomes the largest piston compressor manufacturing group in the world.

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FININUAIR buys POWER SYSTEM, an Italian manufacturer specialising in industrial rotary screw compressors.

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FININUAIR becomes a licensee for BLACK+DECKER and customises a dedicated line of compressors and air tools.

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The new Chinese production plant is inaugurated in Haiyan.

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New strategy for three market segments: CONSUMER, PROFESSIONAL and INDUSTRIAL.