The great family of air compressors.


We are a family business with a multinational air and a story to tell.
A story that has enabled us to enter international markets with experience, passion and organisation, guaranteeing energy savings, innovation and sustainability. A story that has taught us to respond to market needs, to talk to our customers and, above all, listen to them.


The FNA Group distributes its products through brands that have made compressed air history around the world, as well as brands that have emerged more recently, to ensure an increasingly wide range of products that satisfy all market segments: from industry to professionals and tradesmen, to the DIY sector.

This cross-sector presence makes FNA, a 100% Italian-owned group, unique in the global compressed air industry.



Industry uses compressed air as a source of clean and safe energy daily. It powers tools and machinery and drives entire production processes.

Our rotary screw compressors for industrial are entirely Made in Italy and have power inputs from 2.2 to 315 kW. They are ideal for all applications and technology sectors, from large industries to small businesses.


Compressed air is used as an indispensable working partner for many professional applications in a variety of sectors: grinding, painting, nailing, inflating, blowing, cutting, sandblasting, screwing, unscrewing, stapling and sanding.

FNA has developed a wide range of air compressors, tools and accessories for the simplest to the most demanding uses. The range includes piston compressors with power inputs from 0.5 to 25 HP, designed and developed for different applications.


FNA has brought the use of compressed air into family homes, meeting all domestic and hobby needs, with our range of compact, practical, portable, lightweight, innovatively designed and easy-to-use compressors.

We have also created a specific line of silent compressors for the most demanding users.