Power System

Industrial compressed air.

Power System has been a world leader in the design, development, production and distribution of high-quality rotary screw compressors since 1992.
With a range of power inputs from 2.2 to 315 kW, lubricated, single and 2-stage, fixed and variable speed, induction or permanent magnet motors, they are ideal for all applications and technological sectors, from large industry to small businesses. Power System has also developed the FLEMING oil-free Scroll compressor range. This includes models with power inputs from 2.2 to 30 kW and 8 to 10 bar pressures, for specific production processes that require oil-free compressed air.

From consultancy to identifying the best products for any compressed air need, from design to installation, and effective after-sales service, Power System supports industry worldwide. We provide the best system solutions for optimising companies’ energy consumption, ensuring high efficiency standards, maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.

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