The new 2-stage NOBEL 2S range

The answer to industry’s energy challenge.

Since 1992, Power System has been a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial rotary screw compressors ideal for every application and technology sector, from large industry to small business. From consultancy to identifying the best products for any compressed air demand, from design to installation, and effective after-sales service, Power System supports industry worldwide. We provide the best system solutions to optimise companies’ energy consumption, ensure high efficiency standards, maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.

The Power System range of rotary screw compressors, with a range of power inputs from 2.2 to 250 kW single-stage, fixed and variable speed, featuring permanent magnet or induction motors, has now been extended with the introduction of the 2-stage NOBEL 2S range. A complete variable frequency drive, oil injected range from 75 up to 315 kW, air-cooled or water-cooled versions, available in 3 sizes and 24 possible configurations.

In Europe, industrial compressed air production consumes for around 14% of the total energy output.

The great challenge to ensure a sustainable future and be increasingly more competitive on the market is to increase the efficiency of compressed air systems in industry.

The 2-stage NOBEL 2S range, with its new and exclusive two-stage screw unit, meets this challenge.

Designed by our team of engineers with the support of our after-sales service and entirely Made in Italy, the NOBEL 2S guarantees the highest standards of reliability, silence and ease of maintenance, and is designed to increase energy saving and working efficiency.

power system compressor internal parts

Designed to last: 2-stage air-ends technology ensures less wear and longer compressor life.

Lower consumption: 2-stage compression offers energy savings of up to 17% compared to other types of compression.

Green credentials: reducing energy consumption reduces CO2 emissions into the environment.

Efficiency always under control: all the features of the NOBEL 2S are fully controlled by the integrated electronic “Login” controller, which constantly monitors the compressor.

Can be fitted with an integrated heat recovery system: the energy consumed for the production of compressed air can thus be converted in hot air for working environments and sanitary water heating for washrooms. An essential free energy source driving and increasing awarness of this attractive energy saving solution.

A tailor-made service is an integral part of Power System’s package ensuring a continuous and direct relationship with its customers.

24-hour customer care, call center service, training, consultancy and design, marketing assistance, original spare parts and extended warranties offering continuous support for industries utilising the 2-stage NOBEL 2S compressors.

Save energy while taking advantage of added values to your investments!

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